Lotus Notes Developer since Release 2.0. I’ve attended every Lotusphere at the Swan & Dolphin Resorts at Walt Disney World, except for the first one. I got hooked on Disney and in 1997 we bought into the Disney Vacation Club – home resort of Old Key West Resort. Now we go down to WDW at least twice a year. As an Audible.com member, I downloaded David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” audiobook. Listening to it while mowing the lawn, it made perfect sense. But 3 years later I still hadn’t taken it to heart. I met David Allen and Eric Mack (eProductivity software for Lotus Notes) at Lotusphere 2009 and was determined to make it stick. All I can say is . . . with nothing nagging at my mind, I sleep better, and have a clear vision of what needs to be done each day.


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