Cruising with Mickey

Today we’re sailing on the Disney Fantasy. We’ll visit St Thomas/St John and St Martin along with a stop at Disney’s Castaway Cay. This will be our third Disney Cruise, but our fist 7 night cruise.

Just a quick post. I’ll see about adding more when we return, with pictures. This is my first time blogging with an iPhone and iPad.



Lotusphere 2010

Can’t wait. Only 11 more days to go. So much to attend this year in addition to two certification tests.

This will be the first time that I’ve stayed at the Dolphin. Usually, Pam accompanies me and we use our DVC points to stay in a 1-bedroom or studio villa at Boardwalk Villas. This year, Pam decided to stay home since I’ll be attending more evening events and we won’t be able to spend much time together. Just as well, since she usually spent a lot of time at the pool reading and it’s been COLD down in Orlando lately. Hope it warms up soon!

We’re going on a cruise!

I’ll come back and edit this, but wanted to get this placeholder in now.  Pam and I are going on a 4 night Disney cruise to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary next May.  We will go to DisneyWorld on May 19th and stay there until Sunday morning when we’ll head over to Port Canaveral to board the Disney Wonder for a cruise to Nassau and Castaway Cay.  This will be our first cruise and I’m REALLY pumped to go on this.


More later.

Tuesday – Up, Up and Away ! ! ! (and wine)

John post flight

John post flight

Tuesday morning we went to Downtown Disney for some shopping.  Pam saw the Characters in Flight balloon floating over the area and wanted to go see it.  When we got there, she wanted to go on it, so I sucked up the courage and we went on.  There is a great write up on about the whole experience so I’ll point you there for a description of the balloon and such.  Just let me say, “DO IT”!  I’m a wuss, and truly terrified of heights if I get even the smallest feeling that I could fall.  But I felt completely secure on this ‘ride’.  It was great to be up 400ft and see all around.  All the way up to Orlando, and all the areas of the resort.  The only complaint is it is a 10 minute ride, and you spend almost 4 or those minutes going up and down, which by the way is smooth as silk.

We then spent LOTS of money and came back to OKW for a dip in the pool.  After the pool, we came back in to shower and hang when I remembered that Tuesday nights were ‘Wine nights’ at Epcot with Owner’s Locker.  Pam and I went over early and went to Yakitori House for some Japanese counter service.  I had never been there before, but it was suggested to me by a co-worker.  Thanks Chris!  I really liked it.

John van Meter and HeyHeyJP

Me and John van Meter from Owner's Locker

At 7:15 we went over to France and sat way back in the shade to keep cool.  At 7:30 sharp, John van Meter from Owner’s Locker showed up.  We went over and introduced ourselves.  John bought me a glass of wine and we sat down to talk with him.  Within 15 minutes Beverly and her daughter Emily showed up.  Within the next hour we had about a dozen people there, all having a great time.  Matt Roseboom from Orlando Attractions magazine was there too.  I didn’t get everyone’s names, but there was Rouxchef from the Owner’s Locker boards with his family and there was Lisa.  3 other ladies showed up, one of whom had just received her Masters of Education.  GRATZ on that!

Another great view of Illuminations from next to the wine kiosk at France.