RIP meePod

My iPod finally quit working.  I mean, tried restoring, then putting just a couple songs on.  I could see them, but it wouldn’t play them.  Then the next time I turned it on, it said it needed to be reformatted.  It’s been getting flaky, sometimes needing a good tap to get the disk going again.  It was a nice 60GB Photo iPod, about 4 years old I guess.  SO . . .

I bought a refurbished iPod Touch 32GB First Generation from the Apple store.  Paid for the extended warranty and overnight shipping (only $16).  Should be waiting for me when I get home today.  Unfortunately, most of the songs I had on the old iPod are on a computer that went belly up.  So I have to pull the disk from the old computer and put it in the working computer and then import all those songs over without messing up any songs that are already on the working computer.  I don’t want any duplicates.  I’m not sure how to go about it.  Maybe I’ll just work slowly. Re-rip the CDs that I know I’m missing and then move over some that I know I no longer have on CD.  Looks like it’s time to search the internet.  I KNOW I’m not the first one that’s run into this situation.


Friday & Saturday

Took quite a while to pack.  FILLED the Owner’s Locker tub up to the top and still had stuff left over.  I’ll take out the dividers when we go back down and see if I can get it all in next time we’re there.  I think we’ll have to get a second locker.  I wanted to go over to Hollywood Studios to get an AP Limited Edition Star Wars pin for Chris at work, but we were just too late in leaving to make it over.  Sorry, Chris.

The ride home started off nice enough.  A little overcast in parts but the rain didn’t really come down until Pam started driving (as usual).  I took a nap and then we drove until we needed fuel again.  43.7 mpg – gotta love it.  Check out the little FUELLY widget on the side to see what my average MPG is.  We stopped for the night at Holiday Express again.  I didn’t tell the clerk that we wanted a regular room so . . . we got a suite.  Only $10 more per night I think, and we were too tired to go back and argue.

Got a pretty good night’s sleep and we were back on the road at about 8:00am.  Rolled home around 3:00pm and called to see if we could pick up Teddy, but there was no answer on the home phone so we left a message.  Should have called the cell phone, boarder always has that one with her.  Finally she called back around 6:00 and said to come on over and pick him up.  He was glad to see us!  Funny, but it didn’t take him long to zonk out on the floor . . . I guess the anxiety left him and he finally really relaxed.  Also, with no other dogs to play with, I’m sure he felt like just winding down.  That made THREE of us

Only 76 more days until next trip!