Lotus Notes lacks CSS support. ??

So I FINALLY go to bing.com to see what it looks like. Why switch from Google? I search on “Lotus Notes Xpages css” and the first hit is to the Wikipedia entry for Lotus Notes. OK, someone that has the time really needs to get the entry up-to-date. The entry should NOT have banners at the top saying that the entry needs more work. Anyway, down at the bottom are Criticisms, the last one says that Lotus Notes suffers from an almost total lack of CSS support. HUH? So I follow the link to the citation and it is a 2008 rating of email clients. AH, yeah, the Notes client is lacking in CSS support, but it’s getting so much better. Then I saw that the “2008” report is comparing Notes 6! WHAT? Scroll to the bottom and the ORIGINAL study was done in 2006, and then updated through the years, but newer versions of Notes were not tested.

We just can’t win, can we?


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