WDW Trip Report

Almost 11:00pm on Wednesday as I write this entry about the start of our trip on Saturday morning.  We had a problem with Internet access until Pam got a tech up here yesterday to fix the problem.  Anyway . . .

We dropped our Labradoodle, Teddy, off at the groomer that boards him on Saturday morning around 7:15.  Got home and while Pam was showering, I packed the car, washed the windows and even gave it a quick polish with the spray wax.

We got on the road at 8:30 and made it all the way to Exit 53 in South Carolina around 8:15 pm when we pulled into a Holiday Inn Express for the night.  We had stopped for fuel about a half an hour earlier and the stats are all on Fuelly.com.  I think we averaged about 43 mpg on the way down.  Not too bad for our first long highway trip.  I’m really impressed with the VW Jetta TDI.  Lots of power for a little 4 banger diesel engine.  The diesel fuel was  3 – 5 cents cheaper per gallon than regular unleaded, so that felt even better.

We took off at 8:30 Sunday morning and pulled into Old Key West Resort at Walt Disney World around 1:00pm.  I had checked-in online on Friday so they would have everything ready when we pulled in, but I wasn’t confident that we’d have a room ready since check-in time is 4:00pm.  But we lucked out and our room was ready.  That was great since we were to be at Epcot that night for a D23 Event (more on that next entry).

After we got our room keys, we picked up our Owner’s Locker at Bell Services.   The locker was empty since we just joined, but we had brought a lot of stuff down to fill ‘er up!  For those that don’t know, head over to Owner’s Locker to get the low down.  Here’s a quick explanation though.  For a fee, we rent a ‘locker’ (large lockable plastic tub).  It stays down here and Owner’s Locker stores it for us.  They drop it off when we check in and pick it up when we leave.  We store all sorts of stuff in there that we use each time we come down.  Now we don’t have to drag the stuff back and forth.

We started unpacking and got ready to head over to Epcot for the D23 Event.


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