Monday – Dinner at Sanaa’s

Monday was spent hanging at the pool mostly.  We then drove over to Kidani Village to have dinner at Sanaa’s.  Sort of weird to park in a parking garage, but guess it beats a hot car or getting wet in the rain.  Took the elevator up to first floor to go to lobby, and disappointed how much Kidani looks like a hotel.  Great art work, don’t get me wrong, but just door after door.

Since we were there about an hour early, we sat out on the balcony and watched the animals. Finally went down to the restaurant and we were seated almost immediately.  We started with an appetizer for two that was great.  Pea and potatoe samoas, pulled duck and roasted califlower.  The califlower was spicy, but not overly spicy.  I had Tandoori Lamb and Pam had the Tandoori Chicken.  Both had a great flavor and the 5 grain rice was nice and nutty.  No bland white rice.  I’m hoping that this restaurant doesn’t have its menu changed because the dishes aren’t appealing to the burger and chicken nugget crowd.  It would be a shame to miss out on these wonderful dishes.  Dessert was Coconut Rice Pudding for me and Cordamom-Butter Cake for Pam.  Both were unusual.  The cake had mango and cream, and we were instructed to have a piece of mango and a little cream with each bite.  Definitely made the difference.  I was expecting the rice pudding to be the consistency of tapioca with a coconut flavor, but it was a nice hearty pudding with firm rice to chew.  Very nice.

Carrie, our waitress had suggested that if I was going to have wine with dinner to choose one of the flights that had been designed to showcase some wines that went together well.  I choose the Johannesburg Flight which consisted of a Cabernet, a Shiraz and a Pinotage.  Again, a great recommendation.  Carrie came over at dessert time and told us she just got a printout of an email that was sent to Deb Wills of that had mentioned her (Carrie).  She said Deb was seated just over the wall from us.  I didn’t want to bother her at dinner, I would hate to be interrupted.

Drove home and spent a nice night just relaxing.


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