Thursday night – Magic Kingdom

Went over to Magic Kingdom once the rain came through.  Lots of people leaving the park when we got there.  We went over to Pecos Bill’s and had a quick dinner.  Then walked on Pirates.  No line at all.  Went into Tiki Room.  Last show of the night I think (8:00).  Went to Haunted Mansion, walked right in and when we got out of stretching room, not a soul in sight.  Walked on to Small World as it was raining a little and we needed some cover.  We then got some popcorn and sat down to wait for the fireworks.  SpectroMagic parade had been cancelled because there was still some rain.  It was only about 9:15 and with 45 minutes until Wishes, we decided to see if Buzz Lightyear was a walkon.  It was, so we did it 3 times in a row.  Walked out and stood in front of the castle for Wishes.  I wanted to stay for the Kiss Goodnight since I hadn’t heard it yet.  Once the crowd cleared a bit we saw there was a guest lying in front of the castle with a couple of people around him/her.  It didn’t appear that the person was in much distress, and as we turned around, 2 paramedics and an officer arrived with a stretcher.  We walked down Main Street and heard the Kiss Goodnight.  Waited quite a while for a bus, and got home at 11:00pm.  We’ll pack tomorrow morning, too tired tonight.

Our plan is to pack, then go over to Hollywood Studios and ride Toy Story Mania one more time.  I want to see if I can pick up that Annual Passholder’s Limited Edition pin for Chris at work.  Then we’ll start our way back home.  We hope to make it up to Virginia before stopping for the night.

Catch you all again when we get home to Chalfont.


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